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Generally, inflammation of tissues can be good. It's part of your body's way of fixing trouble. Cells that are damaged or under attack – from pathogens, chemical irritants, blunt injuries, burns, toxins, stress– send signals that put your cell defense and cell repair into motion.

ProBiotein - chronic inflammatory diseases.

Health Problems

But chronic inflammation of tissues can lead to chronic health problems. Obesity, dermatitis, tendonitis, asthma, allergies, as well as other conditions including arthritis, IBD and Crohn's, are thought to be inflammatory illnesses. Systemic inflammation can involve not just localized tissues, but entire organs and systems. Atherosclerosis, cirrhosis and heart disease are considered non-immune diseases in which inflammatory processes are not functioning normally.

Immune Responses

Your immune system's function depends heavily upon proteins called interleukins. These are produced in your body by endothelial cells – cells lining the inside of your blood and lymphatic vessels– plus lymphocytes and other body cells. Interleukins may affect regulation of inflammatory reactions and immune responses, your central nervous system, memory function, blood cell production, growth of T and B lymphocyte immune cells, and communication between your white blood cells.

Keeping the odds against developing inflammatory diseases in your favor, includes keeping your immune system as well nourished and robust as possible.