Your immune system is influenced by your digestive system.


Immune Response

Over 70% of your immune system response comes from your gut. Your gut is your first line of defense in the daily battle against illnesses and pathogenic invaders. So it's not just your digestion that's affected by your gut. It's your overall health and disease prevention.

ProBiotein can help your immune system perform better, by supporting the good bacteria in your digestive tract.

Your gut is not just a processing system for waste. It's your main organ for immune system response and good health.

ProBiotein has four prebiotic fibers.

An All Natural, Multi-Prebiotic

ProBiotein is like a daily multi-vitamin for your immune system. Made from organic whole wheat, oats and flax, plus barley malt, ProBiotein is an all-natural, non-GMO, multi-prebiotic fiber source. Other brands of prebiotics often include artificial flavorings or chemical additives. And almost all have only 1 prebiotic fiber. ProBiotein has 4.

High in dietary fiber and protein, ProBiotein's 4 Prebiotic Fibers feed the beneficial probiotic digestive bacteria in your GI tract. ProBiotein also provides 4 digestive enzyme types that can aid in your digestion of starches, sugars, fibers, proteins and minerals.

Better by Fermentation

Part of ProBiotein's unique advantage, is that we take our blend of natural ingredients and carefully ferment them. This removes starch, concentrates the protein and creates a broad amino acid profile. The ProBiotein blend optimizes enzymatic values and fermentation metabolites, and broadens the amino acid profile with multiple protein isolates – yeast, 3 grains and flax. Trace minerals fed to nurture the fermentation yeast are organically complexed by the yeast and, in turn, help to nurture your body more efficiently.

By fermenting ProBiotein's 4 prebiotic fibers, the yeasts used during fermentation in effect pre-digest the grain-based medium, so much of your body's digestive work is already done. This helps you to absorb and use the prebiotic fibers more effectively. Other fermented foods you may already enjoy include cheese, sourdough bread, pickles, miso, prosciutto, kefir, chocolate and yogurt. Fermented foods have a long history of keeping people healthier. In our process, protein and dietary fiber are concentrated and several prebiotic oligosaccharides are produced, along with the metabolites of yeast growth.

ProBiotein can help improve nutrient utilization, giving the body what it needs for good health.