ProBiotein is all natural, high in protein, and high in prebiotic fiber.

Heart and Circulation

Heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, hypertension, bad cholesterol. We know these words as conditions that can be life ending or lifelong. While there is a genetic component to all health conditions, it's believed that the bigger reasons for heart and circulatory medical issues are controlled by us. What we eat, and how we run our lives.

So no, you can't blame your parents.

Complex Physiology, Simple Remedies

After all that medical science has accomplished, you'd think we'd have heart health all figured out. But the truth is, we're far from knowing it all. We do know that healthier eating, and even modest regular exercise are good for your heart.

What we didn't know, is that the aleurone (composed of iron, magnesium, ferullic acid and zinc nutrients) in whole grains can significantly reduce the risk of chronic heart disease (CHD). Or that food strategies like the Mediterranean diet can cut the risk of stroke by 49%, even with higher intake levels of fat – because the fat was from sources including nuts and olive oils.

Coronary Artery Issues

Our guts play a key role also, in the creation or avoidance of atherosclerosis. Having the wrong kind of gut bacteria, such as from the genus Collinsella, can lead to coronary inflammation, and ultimately to CHD. But supplementing with a probiotic bacteria such as Lactobacillus reuteri, has been shown to help reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels and help avoid atherosclerosis. Just two examples of how certain gut bacteria can put you at risk of illness, while others can help to keep you healthy.