Your gut is your first line of defense in the daily battle against illnesses.


Fighting Covid-19 By Including Key Plant Fibers In Your Diet

PRWeb – August 26, 2020

Fiber rich MicroBiome Bars from Food First LLC are now available at Sprouts Farmers Markets

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With a national health emergency being declared, it seems we are heading into a new era. Terms like “Social Distancing” and “Flattening the Curve” are suddenly part of our vocabulary. What does it mean for Food First LLC, maker of ProBiotein and MicroBiome Bars?

We will be able to operate within the Hand Sanitizing and Social Distancing objectives of keeping space between people to prevent spread of Covid-19, the new coronavirus.

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It will be increasingly important that we continue in operation, not just because of the importance of individual jobs, but also because our products are geared to improve immune function – which will be increasingly important as an internal wave of defense.

Right now, external defenses such as hand washing and distance to prevent spread of the virus are focal points. The next line of defense is internal -- to fight off viruses that do get through.

Keeping the immune system strong is increasingly important. And it starts with the gut, the digestive system – the “microbiome” -- home for 70% of immune function. This is at the heart of our company efforts as a producer of prebiotics and fermented supplements such as ProBiotein and MicroBiome Bars.

The importance of the microbiome and prebiotics in improving internal defenses is only recently being understood. These things take time.

There was a time when even doctors (in the 1850s) resisted bothering with hand washing because microbes were unseen and thus unknown. Louis Pasteur changed that and gradually science has been sorting out between beneficial and pathogenic microbes.

From the 1850s when we started to understand the connection between hand washing to reduce the spread of infection, we jump to the late 1990s, when the term “Prebiotics” – food for probiotic microbes -- emerged to advance our understanding of the connection between gut-health and immune function.

We embrace the hand sanitizing and distancing efforts to prevent viruses and other pathogens from getting into our bodies. We also encourage people to explore the immune boosting benefits of fiber and fermented products such as ProBiotein and MicroBiome Bars to boost internal defenses against pathogens that do get through.


Robert R. Thornberg,
President, Food First LLC