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Health videos, informational videos, animated videos and more can be found here on the topic of prebiotic fibers and your health. Check back for new additions to the video collection as the science and understanding of prebiotic fibers advances.

ProBiotein - high in fiber.

Videos for Healthy News

    ProBiotein and MicroBiome Bar Prebiotic Fiber Science

    The amazing microbiome in each of us is responsible for much of our health. The prebiotic fibers found in ProBiotein and the MicroBiome Bars play an important role in microbiome function.

    KickStarter Launches Our New Sunny-Saskatoon Berry Bar

    Our new MicroBiome bar has a triple super fruit blend of saskatoon berries, aronia berries and blueberries.

    Food First Interviewed on Prairie Public News

    Bob and Jordan Thornberg of Food First, are interviewed by Doug Hamilton on North Dakota's Prairie Public News Main Street Program. Click here, then click the blue arrow beside "Listen" and forward to 27:27 when interview with Food FirstAudio begins.

    Animated Explanation of the Microbiome

    The importance of the prebiotic fibers found in ProBiotein and how they help your gut health is explained.

    ProBiotein Interviewed at 2nd Annual DisruptWell Summit

    Bob and Jordan Thornberg of Food First, discuss the evolution of ProBiotein and the ProBiotein products.