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Frequently Asked Questions - MicroBiome Bar

Because every bar has 4 prebiotic fibers from our ProBiotein® blend that feed the “good” probiotic bacteria which make up the microbiome in your gut. Your microbiome needs prebiotic fiber to thrive. And our bars give you a handy, tasty way to add prebiotics to your diet.

Two things. One, our 4 kinds of prebiotic fibers. AXOS, FOS, MOS and XOS. They fuel your probiotics. And two, our ingredients. Each bar is a special blend of simple food ingredients with no preservatives, chemical additives or names you can’t pronounce.

Each flavor has a combination of oats, grains, honey, fruits, natural seasonings and our multi-prebiotic fiber blend ProBiotein®. ProBiotein is a fermented grain and seed combo of organic wheat, organic oats, organic barley malt, organic flax meal and nutritional yeast.

The ProBiotein in MicroBiome Bars has a tiny, tiny bit of gluten. Just 0.3%, which is 332 ppm (parts per million). So while it’s not zero, it’s super low. True celiacs (about 1% of the population) should be aware of this gluten level, but most everyone else should be fine.

All of our MicroBiome Bars are 180 calories or less per 40 gram bar. Our 80 gram packs have two bars per pack. Based on the recommended 2,000 calories per day, each individual bar provides less than 10% of your daily calories, but up to 25% of your daily recommended fiber.

Two 40 gram MicroBiome Bars (one 80 gram pack) provide the 1 Tablespoon of ProBiotein® prebiotic fiber blend that is recommended daily. Have one as a mid-morning snack and then another in the afternoon to give you the fiber and flavor you need.

Three flavors. Our original P-Nutty Cranberry, the Razz-Apple Almond and our newest Choco-Cherry Walnut. Stay tuned for upcoming flavors, with some great new super berry choices coming soon.