Amylolytic - for digesting starches and sugars. Fibrolytic - for digesting fibers. Proteolytic - for digesting proteins. Phospholytic - for digesting minerals.

4 Digestive Enzymes

Better Digestion

Even if you eat healthy foods, you may not be getting their full benefit. You need to have sufficient digestive enzymes to help make that happen.

ProBiotein  has four digestive enzymes

Starches and Sugars

The amylolytic digestive enzyme in ProBiotein helps digest starch and sugar. If starches and sugars are not digested properly, they can reach the large intestine and force a shift in the microbial population by lowering pH. This more acidic large intestine environment can put your beneficial bacteria at risk.

The 4 digestive enzymes found in ProBiotein are:

ProBiotein's 4 digestive enzymes break down starch.

ProBiotein's amylolytic, fibrolytic, proteolytic and phospholytic enzymes add to your digestive system's built-in enzymes to help improve your digestion. Not only can your digestion be easier, it can be more thorough and energy efficient. So you can get more from the food you eat and your body can get more of the nutrients it needs.