Your immune system is influenced by your digestive system

About Us

19 Years of ProBiotein

ProBiotein is a food grade prebiotic fiber source that’s specially formulated for people. It was developed by our sister company back in 2002 as a multi-prebiotic fiber source.

Grains & Prebiotic Fibers

In 2012 we launched Food First LLC, so we could focus on ProBiotein-based products. We produce ProBiotein in our own food grade plant in North Dakota – America’s grain heartland. We make ProBiotein from organic whole wheat, organic oats, organic flax and organic barley malt. Our special fermentation process removes the starches, concentrates the proteins, provides nutritional yeast plus 4 important prebiotic fibers.

ProBiotein is low in fat, 0%  sugar and high in fiber.

The New Science of Prebiotics

Recent breakthroughs in scientific research have begun to discover some of the remarkable health benefits of prebiotic fibers. By design, ProBiotein has not just 1 prebiotic fiber, but 4 in a strategic blend. Scholars will tell you that based on centuries of real-life experience, most successful civilizations understood the health benefit of natural grains in their cultures and diets. Today, we're starting to learn exactly why the prebiotic plant fibers of grains are so very important.

Immune system support. Long term health. Prevention. Resistance. Recovery.

Your Natural Best

At Food First, we’ve personally experienced the simple and fundamental health improvements that ProBiotein can add to your life. Helping your body perform at its natural best is a goal we want to help you reach.

– Your ProBiotein Team